‘I wanted to be skinny yesterday’

I am going to focus on mindset for this post. If your head is not in the right place for weight loss or improving your health and fitness your chances of success are sadly slim to none. 

I was training somebody recently who has struggled with weight loss on and off for a long time. There was a pattern in this person’s weight management and their attitude and mind set was clearly not helping with the end goal of loosing weight. 

Whenever there had been another primary goal weight loss had been a pleasant bi product of achieving that goal. For example, when we first started training, there was a pre existing shoulder injury that we wanted to address and manage. Due to the increase in strength and stability of this shoulder over time weight was lost as it was the first time that exercise had been carried out in several years. After some more time, running the London marathon was the next big thing on the agenda. Anyone who has run a marathon knows that by the volume of training you tend to lose any excess body fat quickly. However, when the primary objective was ‘weight loss’ the mindset and approach of this individual changed.

The impatience of this person was unreal, ‘I wanted to be skinny yesterday’ was said! Due to their impatience and haste they were failing to follow a plan that would ensure a steady consistent progress of weight loss that was manageable and not a chore. Eventually after much explanation, the penny dropped, and we have had decent results since then. 

The point I am making is that weight loss, like everything else worth having, takes time. You can’t lose masses of body fat and excess weight in a sustainable way in a short space of time. You need patience and persistence. Learn to enjoy the process rather fixate on the result. Sustainable weight loss is far more likely to be achieved if you are in the right mind set.


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