A quick introduction to weight loss

Weight loss and weight management, a topic that leaves people seriously confused and stressed. Over the coming posts, I shall be helping you gain an understanding of weight loss which shall empower you to lose weight and then most importantly control and manage that weight loss in a sustainable way.

First of all, I want to stress that weight loss and management is down to calories consumed VS calories used. If you consume (eat) more calories than you burn, the excess is stored in the body and ultimately, we gain weight. If we consume less the we burn, we loose weight. There are no ‘fat burning’ foods, teas, or pills or powders that ‘make you loose fat or weight’. There are in some very rare cases a genuine medical reason which explains why some people struggle with losing weight even if they eat within a calorie allowance. However, to suggest that the majority of people are in this category is insane. In todays world more people ‘suffer’ from obesity than hunger. So that we can really understand this more people suffer from a condition that is within our ability and choice to control than people who suffer from hunger. Which they have genuinely no control over. As a nation we are choosing to bury our heads in the sand and inflict serious illness and even death on yourselves when we have the means and know how to avoid that. INSANE! Therefore, knowing your calorie allowance is an essential part of weight management.

How does this help you exactly? Well first off you need to work out your own kcal requirements (for more help on this please contact me). From there you create a sustainable deficit. My honest advice, if you are just starting out or have had difficulties with consistent weight loss in the past then be conservative. Better to be losing 1lb on average a week and have it stay off, than starve and over exercise and go back to square one in 5 – 10 days feeling miserable and defeated!

Once you have worked out your sustainable deficit you can incorporate some more exercise into your life. This will help the process along as well as create a positive mind set to help you succeed. Stick to your plan and be consistent. Think longevity here, it makes no sense to me why people are in such a rush to keep getting the same mediocre results and setbacks to where they started.

Within your deficit there should be a mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If you have been told to ditch carbs or ditch fat by someone, ignore them. I shall go into what each of these macro nutrients do over the coming posts. For now, it is essential that you understand that you should not be cutting any of these out.

Finally, once you are in a deficit and exercising you shall start to see progress. This will not happen overnight. It is not a gimmick or a detox or any other spin off that the fitness industry sadly seems to be riddled with. This is just energy in vs energy out. There are lots of contributing factors that contribute to the success of this such as mindset, sleep, exercise, mental health and many more. I shall touch on all of these topics over the coming weeks and months and try to help you get an understanding of weight loss and get you to reach your goals.


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