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A Life-Changing Fitness Retreat for Dorset & Wiltshire Clients

Take yourself away from your hectic day-to-day life and reclaim yourself on our long weekend fitness and wellness program in Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Whether you’re struggling to find time, lack the knowhow or motivation, or just need a productive break, this fitness retreat and holiday is perfect. The Tom James Fitness Training Positano program gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to live a healthier, fitter, and more fulfilled life during and after your time away. Contact me, in Dorset & Wiltshire, to discuss my services.

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Why Choose This Break?

Page 5 - Why Choose This Break

  • Small Groups to Keep It Personal and Maximise Effectiveness

  • Outdoor Exercise Classes in Beautiful Surroundings

  • Individually Tailored Nutritional Classes to Teach and Inspire

A Brief Itinerary

We’ll be away from Friday to Monday and the itinerary below will show you what the plan is!

Day-to-Day Overview

Day 1

Depart LGW and Arrive in Naples - Transfer to Positano – Lunch - Fitness Workshop - Beach HIIT Session - Nutrition Workshop

Day 2

Stretch and Mobility Class - Day Trip - Evening Nutrition Workshop

Day 3

Stretch and Mobility Class - Day Trip - Core Work - Evening Beach Meal

Day 4

Stretch and Mobility Class - Beach Workouts - Return Flight from Naples to LGW

Workshop Size

The number of participants on the Positano fitness and wellness programmes is capped at just eight. Numbers are kept low as I like to connect and engage with everyone on the program. This helps ensure more successful results, both during your time in Positano as well as when you return home. The more available we are to you individually, the more we can help and teach you for your return. While on the retreat we will evaluate your eating and training habits and provide you with all the knowledge and aftercare including an exercise program and nutritional guidance to continue what you achieved in Positano.

Exercise Classes

Much of your time on the fitness and wellness program will be spent outdoors taking in the unique Amalfi coast. There will be a wide range of exercise classes, including HIIT, stretching and core, hiking, and circuit training. Working outside allows for an exciting fun setting to exercise where you never do the same routine twice. Using equipment like TRX, battle ropes, body weights, and sand bags, you’ll go home happier, fitter, healthier, and stronger than you arrived.

Nutrition Workshops

I also run nutrition classes that are tailored to you as an individual. For too long the fitness industry has been plagued with gurus and witch doctors offering people extreme, unsustainable ‘nutrition’ (if you can call it that) plans. It is no wonder that many people live their day to day life confused and fretting about what they should be eating. I believe in taking a step back in order to move forward with the problems surrounding nutrition myths and issues.

Whilst in Positano, I provide you with healthy, nutritious, balanced meals, using fresh and local ingredients as much as possible. My goal is to break down nutritional barriers. What is the point in serving gluten-free (unless a celiac), vegan (unless already a vegan), no-carbohydrate (no exceptions) diets when the moment you return to your day-to-day life you revert straight back to the way you were eating before?

The food we serve is relatable, real, and wholesome. We want you to gain an educational experience with regards to food. Enjoy your favourite foods and eat with minimal restriction on your day-to-day life, safe in the knowledge of exactly what you need individually to sustain a healthy fit lifestyle. By doing this we aim to help you manage your nutrition in a long-term fashion.

In the nutrition workshops I cover your Kcal requirements on an individual basis. This allows us to reach a target weight, and then manage it. We look at the macro nutrients and the functions they have within the body, including the foods that contain certain macro nutrients. I also discuss what food quantity and calorie density looks like.

It is one thing to have someone tell you “know your macros” but it is another thing to know what that looks like on a plate with real food that you will enjoy eating. As well as this, I also touch on the micro nutrients in the second workshop and the role and benefits they play in our body.

Day Trips

On Saturday and Sunday, I want to make the most of the full days and therefore I have several potential stunning day trips to different areas in and around the Amalfi coast. All the trips are fantastic and allow for the fitness and wellness ethos to be fulfilled. Due to the nature of the retreat program being outdoors, I reserve the right to choose which day trip to do at the time. I base this decision on factors including the weather. For example, if the weather is too bad for a ferry to the Isle of Capri, we won’t be doing that.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

A hike and workout around the stunning historical city of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius allows you to really experience the breathtaking terrain surrounding the Amalfi area. Spartacus defeated the Romans in the battle of Mount Vesuvius in 73 BC. While hiking and training here, you will see first-hand how the terrain can be used to improve one’s fitness.

Path of the Gods Hike

This hike through the mountains connects the town of Amalfi to Positano. During this hike through stunning scenery overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, we will do a mountain workout using TRX and body weight exercises.

Isle of Capri

One of the islands off the main land, Capri, is known for its beauty. I offer another challenging, fun-packed day on the isle of Capri. This day trip consists of hiking, pool games (depending on season), TRX workouts, and lunch on the Island before heading back to Positano.

Isle of Ischia

Another of the Islands off the Amalfi coast is the Isle of Ischia. Like Capri, it is known for its beauty and unique landscape. This is perfect for challenging exercise and outdoor activity that is fundamental to the Positano experience.

An in-Depth Itinerary

Flight to Positano

GAT 07:05 – NAP 10:50

Land in Naples at 10:50 am and get the transfer bus to Positano for 12:30 – 1pm. Once you’re unpacked and settled, lunch shall be served between 1pm – 1:15pm.

Friday Afternoon

1pm - Lunch
2pm – 3pm - Welcome to Positano and “Where Fitness Starts” Workshop
3:30pm – 4:15pm - Optional HIIT Workout on the Beach
5pm – 6pm - Nutrition Workshop – Your Macros
6:15pm – 6:45pm - Stretching/Core Workout on the Terrace or Beach
7:30pm - Evening Meal
8:30pm - Free Time – Bed

Saturday Day 2

6am - Wake up
6:30am - Morning Stretch and Mobility Class
7:15am - Breakfast
8am - Day Trip*
4:30 pm APPROX - Return from Trip and Free Time
5:30 pm - Nutrition Workshop – Your Micros and Sleep Hacks
7:15 pm - Evening Meal

Sunday Day 3

6 am - Wake up
6:30am - Morning Stretch and Mobility Class
7:15am - Breakfast
8am - Day Trip
4:30pm APPROX - Return from Trip and Free Time
5:30pm - Core Workout
8pm - Evening Meal at Restaurant on the Beach of Positano

Monday Day 4

6 am - Wake up
6:30am - Morning Stretch and Mobility Class
7:15am - Breakfast
8am - Beach Workout
8:45am - Free Time in the Town of Positano
11am - Final Beach Workout
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Transfer to Naples Airport

Return Flight

NAP 16:45 – GAT 18:30

NAP 19:50 – GAT 21:40

T&C * This is only a blueprint and guide. I reservice the right to alter this program in accordance to seasons and variable influencing factors.

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