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"His sessions are always challenging, varied and most importantly loads of fun."

"Tom will be leading Workouts in the Woods at VERVE Festival this September. His sessions are always challenging, varied and most importantly loads of fun. I also love that his classes are all outdoors - so much better than a boring old gym! Tom's workouts are one of the key activities at our festival which celebrates health, wellness and the great outdoors and I'm sure every class will be fully booked."

Anna Hayward

"I highly recommend him"

“Tom’s focussed approach to fitness has helped me recover from injury and exceed my fitness expectations. I highly recommend him"

Kevin Partridge, Osteopath

"Tom is caring and shares a real passion with his clients."

"I was able to get in touch with Tom online after following him on social media for some time. I needed motivation to loose weight and really struggled finding the courage to do it on my own. I wasn’t too sure about asking for help at first but I reached out over messenger to Tom and his reply made me feel at ease. I was able to explain my situation. I have battled obesity over the course of my life and it has become a hard topic to talk about. Tom put all my worries to bed. He went out of his way to work with me considering I live in New Zealand and the time difference makes things a little tricky. I have a goal to break 100Kg when I started with Tom I weighed 123kg. Tom helped me formulate a plan of action to reach this goal. Tom gave me the foundation of a good sustainable diet and A steady fitness program. Tom worked around my work/university schedule and an old knee injury that gives me problems from time to time. Tom understands that life gets a bit hectic sometimes with university but he always listens and never puts negative pressure on me. Tom has been considerate and kind always there when I need him even with the time difference he will reply as soon as he can. Tom keeps me focused and keeps me on track highlighting small achievements when I have lost motivation and would normally give up. Along this journey I have over come lows thanks to Tom and he has built me up when I needed it. I am happy to say that I weigh 104kg and have lost 19kg working alongside Tom and am so close to reaching my goal I never thought possible. My mental health has massively improved my family and friends have seen dramatic improvements and I largely owe Tom for all my progress. Considering Tom and I have only communicated remotely he has made work out programs easy to follow with detailed instructions. Tom has given me the building blocks to live a healthy and happy life. Tom is caring and shares a real passion with his clients."

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